Twitter split over man deciding to 'propose' in Joburg club

16 October 2018 - 11:38 By Kyle Zeeman
A couple share a kiss before getting "engaged".
A couple share a kiss before getting "engaged".
Image: Twitter/ CHAMA In Versace

The internet was a mess this week after a video of a couple apparently getting engaged in a Johannesburg club went viral.

Footage of the alleged proposal was shared on Twitter and showed the couple embracing before malume gets down on one knee and looks her in the eye.

Excited screams erupt at the sight and a few seconds later sis is grinding on him.

The pair are all smiles throughout the incident.

Although it is not clear if the guy was for real when he got down on one knee, the Twitter streets were busier than Bree Street in response to the video.

Tweeps were split over whether it was a good idea to get engaged in a club or if the pair had just had a few too many.