WATCH | Weaves gets snatched in heated argument on Rea Tsotella

16 October 2018 - 09:46 By Kyle Zeeman
Lerato went snatching weaves on 'Rea Tsotella'.
Lerato went snatching weaves on 'Rea Tsotella'.
Image: Twitter/ Moja Love

When Lerato took to Moja Love's conflict resolution reality show, Rea Tsotella, the last thing she expected was to have her weave snatched... or do the snatching.

Y'all may remember Lerato from Uyang'thanda Na for her telling a dude that he couldn't afford her lifestyle.

Fast forward several months and she was on Rea Tsotella to confront Ntombi for stealing her man after she apparently caught them in bed together.

Yoh! It was a lot for the game as Ntombi admitted to making a mistake and Lerato went snatching her weaves like Hulk smashing his enemies. 

Sis Ntombi is anything but slow and snatched edges just as fast. 

Next thing fans knew there were wigs on the floor and a scuffle on stage.

As always, the studio audience gave the show life with their reactions and screams, especially when Lerato claimed Ntombi was jealous of her and when the scuffle kicked off.

Over on the Twitter streets, the trends list had the show and Lerato's name on it.

Timelines were also a mess with memes and posts about the episode.