DJ Fresh slams exposure promises: I need less exposure

18 October 2018 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
DJ Fresh says people still want to pay him in exposure.
DJ Fresh says people still want to pay him in exposure.
Image: Instagram/ DJ Fresh

Despite being one of the most hard working and recognised celebs in Mzansi, DJ Fresh has revealed how he is still sometimes approached to take on gigs with the promise to pay him with exposure.

The Metro FM DJ and SA's Got Talent judge weighed in on a social media debate and reflected on his struggles, expressing disbelief over how some people thought exposure was a form of payment. 

Reposting a picture from DJ Cleo's page, Fresh wrote: "It blows my mind that I am on radio every weekday interacting with one million people every 15 minutes, gigging most weekends in the year and some will still offer to compensate me with exposure. True story."

His comment drew applause from the likes of Moneoa, Heavy K, Simz Ngema and Boity. 

Fresh went on to school those who wanted to pay him with exposure, giving them three arguments.

"First: I need less exposure. Second: Banks don't take exposure as payment for my bonds! Third: #ExposaMmao"

Even lesser known entertainers like Skolopad have moaned about the practice, telling TshisaLIVE earlier this year that she went off at a promoter, who tried to lower her price and promised her exposure.  

"I have worked too damn hard on my own exposure to be paid peanuts! I don't deserve peanuts or to be told I'm not worth what I say I am worth. Exposure doesn't pay the bills, so shove it."