The Queen's Loyiso MacDonald: I don't hate religion, I simply lack belief

18 October 2018 - 11:44 By Chrizelda Kekana
Loyiso said he's an atheist.
Loyiso said he's an atheist.

When The Queen's Loyiso MacDonald revealed that he's an atheist he left many fans shocked but it's a decision that was made after a lot of thought.  

Loyiso's comments about 'lacking belief' was sparked by Timothy Omotoso's rape trial.  

One of the alleged victims, Anele Mxakaza told News24 that Omotoso told them they could only have a relationship with God through him.  

"We were made to believe Omotoso is the closest person to God and we can never have a relationship with God but only through Omotoso."

Loyiso re-posted the quote and got into a discussion with followers who tried to show him the "error" of his ways.  

That's when he explained what being an atheist meant to him and why he chose that path.

"I don't hate religion. I simply lack belief, that is what atheism is.

"I'm an atheist so I don't believe in holy books. I'm not sure I understand the second part of your question. We believe all sorts of things, remove the book altogether and start thinking for yourself I say, takes more work but is ultimately rewarding," he said.

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