How to tell a funny SA story? Lindo Langa has that on lockdown!

20 October 2018 - 14:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Lindo Langa is the director behind Comedy Central Africa's As A People sketch comedy show.
Lindo Langa is the director behind Comedy Central Africa's As A People sketch comedy show.
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As a country, we have unbeatable humour and amazing storytelling skills and that is exactly what Lindo Langa, the star and director of the Comedy Central Africa sketch comedy show plans to highlight.

The show, which has an all-star cast featuring local comedy greats and upcoming comedians that include, Nina Hastie, Lazola Gola, Deep Fried Man and Joey Rasdien. 

As A People aims to explore uniquely South African situations in a hilarious and comedic way with short sketches celebrating the diversely rich cultures and people of our country.

TshisaLIVE sat down with Lindo to get the scoop.  

When did you know you wanted to be a director?

• When I was 4 years old my gran would play me Star Wars on our old VHS and I was so inspired by the visuals that I wanted to be a part of their creative process. I believed that the cast and crew were little people inside the cassette and so I wanted to be one of those little people.

Where did you grow up?

• The super sleepy suburb of Durban North.

Who or what are the biggest influencers to how you see the world?

• Definitely the works of Fellini, Scorsese and Spielberg have had profound influence on how I see the world.

What do you think makes a great director?

• Someone who simply says what they want. Communication is everything, more so than creativity I believe. What good is a brilliant idea if it cannot be realised tangibly?

How does it feel to have a chance as big as this one?

• Surreal, I feel like I’m in an episode of Black Mirror but one of the feel good ones and everything is going right. I guess not Black Mirror but you get the idea.

And we got an even better understanding of who this young star is when he completed the following sentences.

The first thing I do after I wake up in the morning is… cry just a little because the sun is somehow shining directly in my eyes.

The most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me was when… I was left hanging for a high five on national television.

Whenever I find myself in an awkward conversation or awkward silence I… make it more awkward by comparing that moment to a movie I like.

My grade 12 English teacher probably remembers me for… struggling with grammar even though I wanted to be a screenwriter.

I was always really good at… insulting people and instantly regretting it.

When I'm having a bad day, I… play sad music so that the sadness is compounded and I can complain with a soundtrack.

The biggest misconception about being a comedian is that people think I… well this is awkward because I’m not a comedian.

LOL! Tuché...