Jo-Anne Reyneke on her split from Thami Mngqolo

21 October 2018 - 11:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Jo-Anne Reyneke talks about deciding to split from Thami Mngqolo.
Jo-Anne Reyneke talks about deciding to split from Thami Mngqolo.
Image: Instagram/ Jo-Anne Reyneke

It's been five months since celebrity couple Jo-Anne Reyneke and Thami Mngqolo announced their split and even though it's difficult they knew it wasn't working anymore. 

After eight years together Jo-Anne and Thami shocked fans when they released a statement about their separation in May. 

During an interview on Metro FM's Fresh Breakfast earlier this week Jo-Anne reflected on the separation.  

She said that even though it was a difficult decision to make they both knew it wasn't working anymore. 

"Whenever you get to feel in a relationship like ‘maybe I deserve more’ or ‘maybe I’m not what you deserve’ it’s time to part." 

Jo-Anne said before making the decision final she went through all sorts of emotions. 

"Maybe half a year ago, because you wanna talk yourself out of and then you hear the relationship advice that every relationship goes through – it’s ups and downs so you’re like ‘maybe this is our down’ but then you’re like no dog, no dog, I can’t, I must want to come home after work... And then also, let’s be happy for our kids, our kids deserve happy parents."

Jo-Anne added that even though their relationship was over they were happily co-parenting. 

"Because he is a great guy it’s very easy to be a co-parent with him. He’s a wonderful guy, a great dad, a good friend to me; he still thinks I’m funny, just that as partners it wasn’t working anymore."

Jo-Anne and Thami said that they decided to announce their split through a joint statement to avoid false speculation

“We both sat down and agreed that this is the right thing to do for all involved. We are both very private people but we have decided to make this announcement to prevent any false speculations. We’ve both taken positive steps forward,” read part of their statement.