OPW's Kayise Ngqula has given birth: 'He’s the most beautiful human being'

23 October 2018 - 10:53 By Karishma Thakurdin
Kayise Ngqula is besotted with her son.
Kayise Ngqula is besotted with her son.
Image: Instagram/Kayise Ngqula

OPW host Kayise Ngqula has revealed that her baby boy made his grand entry into the world recently and that she's completely in love. 

Kaysie made the announcement on Instagram on Monday after she gave fans a glimpse of her Mamas & Papas magazine cover. 

The TV personality revealed that every moment of her pregnancy was perfect. 

"This was indeed my perfect pregnancy, right from that red strip on the pregnancy test that confirmed my suspicion right up until the moment I first laid eyes on my precious gift of a son. Through the midst of carving a career for myself and loving wholeheartedly, I got prepared for the role of a lifetime and I am eternally grateful!" 

Kaysie said seeing her son for the first time left her speechless. 

"He’s the most beautiful human being I’ve ever seen! I’m really at a loss for words.... but the one thing that I find in abundance is love! Love for my family, my husband, my supporters and ultimately God." 

Kaysie announced that she was expecting in July and that she could not wait to start the "role of a lifetime". 

Meanwhile, Kaysie's Mamas & Papas cover which was short before she gave birth is breathtaking. 

Dressed in a traditional kanga and head wrap, the TV personality showed off her bare baby bump.