Prince Kaybee could release final track with HHP as tribute

30 October 2018 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Prince Kaybee was working on a track with HHP before the veteran's death.
Prince Kaybee was working on a track with HHP before the veteran's death.
Image: Instagram/ Prince Kaybee

Shortly before hip-hop star HHP's death last week, he was working on a track with DJ Prince Kaybee. The track remains unfinished but Prince Kaybee is thinking about  releasing it as a tribute to the star.

It is suspected that HHP committed suicide after a lengthy battle with depression.

In an interview on CliffCentral in 2016 HHP revealed he had attempted suicide three times in 2015. 

Kaybee said he was shattered by the news of his friend's death.

"I never saw it coming. I had heard rumours that he had once tried to take his life but I never took that to heart because he never came across as that person. He was always bubbly and energetic. He always cracked jokes and was always fun-loving.  He used to crack jokes that I was taking over the industry and was now even going into hip-hop. I was so broken and my condolences to his friends and family."

The Club Controller hitmaker said he was flirting with the idea of approaching other hip-hop artists to jump onto the track and to release it as tribute to HHP. 

"The song cannot be finished because, you know.... But I am thinking of making it a tribute song and featuring other hip-hop artists. It depends on what happens in the next few weeks."

He said the idea for the track, a "trapish hip-hop song" came about when he was thinking of an artist to feature on a beat he had created while playing around in studio.

Kaybee had heard HHP rap on the Club Controller beat and knew then that he was comfortable on a house beat.

"HHP has always been a personal favourite of mine. No one in hip-hop can do the things he did. I called him up and he had no problems with jumping on the track. I sent him the beat to jump on and he said he was working on it. We were planning for him to come down to Durban to record but he was always traveling."