WATCH | The last music video HHP featured in with Lection

01 November 2018 - 12:57 By Chrizelda Kekana
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Even though the shoot for Lection's music video took place a day after ProKid's death and HHP was heartbroken - he showed up and showed off on it. 

The music video which is the last that HHP featured on before his death on October 24 is for Lection's track Ale Duma E which features Fifi Cooper. 

Chatting to TshisaLIVE on the day of HHP's North West memorial service Lection said releasing the music video without Jabba was the most painful thing for him because he knew how much he looked forward to seeing people's reactions.

"The music video was shot like three weeks before his passing. He was so excited about it and how people would react to it. It was actually shot a day after Pro died and I thought grootman wouldn't be okay. But he put everything aside to bing the always happy and bubbly Jabba to the music video because he wanted the fun vibe to be real and it was."

The track has HHP on the hook and Fifi Cooper and Lection on the verses.

Even though Lection was initially concerned that HHP would pull out of the shoot because of how close he and Pro were, when he showed up he promised Lection that he wanted to have a lot of fun in the music video because this would be the video to help Lection "blow up".

"HHP had so much fun when we shot that video. The random little sessions we had like when he made up songs and we sang along and he shot selfie videos. I'm going to miss him and the moments of fun we always had. It didn't make sense to me when he said, 'Lection ntwana yaka, you are going to be big and you are going to thank me'. But it's emotional now to see it without him."

The song which is all about the celebration of what motswako actually means - a mixture. Lection said that despite the genre being described as using Setswana or vernacular languages in the lyrics, they wanted to show that a mixture also means they can fuse house, kwaito and hip-hop.

Lection said he would forever be grateful for the conversations he's had with HHP since he met him in 2010. The musician is also grateful HHP spontaneously got him to do a song together.

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The hardest part about this process is that I keep hearing his voice over and over again in my head, all the conversations we've had. As I'm typing this post tears are rolling down my cheeks so bare with me if the grammar is not to your satisfaction. The last gig we did together which was about 3weeks ago he unzipped his sweater to show me that he was wearing my lection t-shirt..I didn't know what to say I just mumbled but because we spent a lotta time together he knew how happy and humbled it was for me to see him wearing it. He kept telling me of how much I reminded him of himself when he started and how he doesn't want me to end up depressed, sad, disappointed when I reach the pinnacle of my career. He went as far as pay for my counseling ofwhich I didn't do and got him so pissed but eventually understood my obstacles and reasons behind it. I'll miss those random calls and him summoning me to come to his place at ungodly hours just to talk. I'll miss those random comments he threw at me on my WhatsApp statuses. I'll miss the studio sessions. I'll miss the backstage chats and how nervous we always get just before we jump on stage. Jabba believed in me more than I did myself. "Lection my nigga you're gonna be big, trust me" those words keep playing over and over and the saddest part is when it happens you won't be here to say "I told you so". I can't believe two of my brothers who constantly cheered for me are gone just like that. My heart pours for Leano and the Family cos they loved him so much. #RIPAbuti ke go utlwile

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