Moja Love defends Slay Queen Doccie 'These are societal issues people face'

06 November 2018 - 08:01 By Ntokozo Miya
Slay Queen Doccie got lots of people talking.
Slay Queen Doccie got lots of people talking.
Image: Twitter/Moja Love

Moja Love has responded to criticism that it is promoting prostitution with its episode of Slay Queen Doccie, insisting that it is giving a fair representation of what some women in South Africa experience as reality.

Head of Marketing and PR at Moja Love, Lindiwe Mbonambi, explained that the episode was a standalone documentary based on the honest accounts of real people.

The Moja Love tweet promoting the show described the insert as the journey of two women who "became slay queens" to finance their studies.

However, when one of the women who was interviewed started detailing sexual escapades with people she referred to as 'clients', social media began to wonder if the focus of the documentary was on the slay queen lifestyle or rather, that of sex workers.

Mbonambi defended the Slay Queen Doccie insert and disputed that it promoted sex work.

"We want viewers to experience an honest exploration of a world very different to their own from a first person perspective. We wanted to highlight the evolving nature of transactional relationships which have been in existence since time immemorial."

Mbonambi said that its a reality many people face.

"The insert was done to highlight some of the challenges young people find themselves in due to circumstances beyond their control. These are just some of the societal issues that individuals deal with on a daily basis."

But it wasn't only naysayers who took to Twitter. Other people were intrigued and excited about the episode, applauding Slay Queen Doccie for being a "better" reality show than others on the channel.