Zodwa Wabantu touched by the love & support from Nandi Madida

Nandi always stands up to people who try to degrade Zodwa on her TL

06 November 2018 - 12:50 By Chrizelda Kekana
Zodwa Wabantu has thanked the Madidas for having her back.
Zodwa Wabantu has thanked the Madidas for having her back.
Image: Instagram/Zodwa Wabantu

Nandi Madida wasted no time in setting trolls straight, after they tried fired shots at Zodwa Wabantu on her Instagram post.

It all started after Nandi declared Zodwa as her #WCE. 

Nandi made Zodwa strongly defended Zodwa when people tried to come for her uniqueness, her liberal mind, her pro-nudity stance and her often controversial speeches.

Soon after she posted her warm message of encouragement to Zodwa, the trolls cam matching in.

"If she will only learn how to dress decent and respect her body... then we’ll be getting somewhere! For now. It’s a big no for me. I don’t like her at all," said one person in Nandi's comment section.

But Nandi wasn't willing to let people drag Zodwa, so she gave them a piece of her mind. 

"Sometimes we forget that as Africans many of us were barely dressed, and it didn’t offend each other. We have been heavily westernized and forget that we would celebrate our bodies unapologetically. But more importantly it’s her body."


Nandi has defended Zodwa in the face of trolls on several occasions and the entertainer took some time out to appreciate her. 

"Thank you so much, on Friday I just thought of you, you’re are a king, anytime you need me for any project or work, even for coffee the cold one. I'm here," Zodwa said to Nandi.

Zodwa also went on to thank the Madidas the best way she knew how.

Watch the video below.