IN MEMES | Tumi and Zolani's wedding leaves Twitter in their feels

07 November 2018 - 09:52 By Chrizelda Kekana
Zolani and Tumi's wedding on The River looked so real.
Zolani and Tumi's wedding on The River looked so real.
Image: Instagram/Hlomla D

No matter what drama lurks in the background, weddings are always beautiful to watch and the viewers of The River were treated to one of the most beautiful weddings on TV. Ever!

Tumi and Zolani's wedding had all the frills and trimmings and tweeps couldn't help but feel like they were part of the wedding, which many said was one of the best productions they had ever seen in soapie.

More than the beautiful outfits, celebrity cameos and drunk uncles, the wedding displayed two worlds coming together.

Tumi, a humble girl who grew up in a shack and Zolani ,a rough boy from a rich family, brought their families together in a heart warming way.

Of course, what's a wedding without drama?  Zolani slept with a random girl a day before his wedding and Zolani's aunt killed Tumi's father for a diamond he found at the river. Oh, and there's a high possibility that Tumi and Zolani are cousins.

Whew! Drama, drama, drama!

The wedding was just too beautiful and Twitter had to throw in some memes.