Omuhle Gela tells fans that becoming a DJ doesn't make her 'confused'

08 November 2018 - 07:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Omuhle Gela clears the air on her DJ career.
Omuhle Gela clears the air on her DJ career.
Image: Instagram/ Omuhle Gela

So remember that time Omuhle Gela told us that she's now a DJ. Well, if you were part of the group that sat there shaking your head and thinking she's confused with her life, she's got something to say to y'all.

The former Muvhango actress has been getting questions over what her DJ career means for her acting and decided to call a little "clear the air" meeting in case her followers weren't, uh, following what she's been up to.

First item of business: She doesn't need to explain herself

"Okay so here’s the thing. I don’t need to explain anything to anyone but just so we all clear and the questions stop.

"I am an actor before anything, but more than anything I am an artist, and music has always been a part of my life. So don’t get confused if I decide to sing ,act and DJ and and... and don’t worry about me."

She also slammed suggestions that she was confused.

"I am not confused just let me be. Those who support and believe in me, I’m so grateful and I take each and every craft I do seriously and I’ll do my best not to offend anyone. So please understand that I am an artiste and we tend to be multi talented in the arts."

Oh! And while we're here: she ain't about to stop!

"I genuinely just waited for the right time to explore my other talents and interests and I'm not done yet. Thanks for your support thus far."