Yoh! But Skeem Saam's Rachel has nerves of steel

14 November 2018 - 07:47
By Kyle Zeeman
Rachel is ready to elope with Marothi.
Image: YouTube/ Skeem Saam Rachel is ready to elope with Marothi.

Skeem Saam's Rachel must be taking classes at the Chuck Norris school of bravery because the girl has guts!

Remember how sis moved back home to prepare for Marothi to start the lobola process and her parents thought she had seen the error of her ways? 

Well, a gogo came to the house claiming she was sent by Marothi's family as part of the formal process to ask permission for him to marry Rachel.

Rachel dropped a bombshell when she came clean on the reason for her return home and showed ma Cecilia her ring. Poor ma nearly had a heart attack.

Ma called Charlie to come deal with his niece, but Rachel was spicy AF and greeted him with a smile.

Even when he lost his cool and demanded she be cleansed, she stood firm and told him nothing would help because she was going to marry Marothi.

The streets were torn between applauding Rachel for her bravery and slamming her family for not dealing with the matter properly.