Beef! What beef? Tira, Mampintsha, Babes and Tipcee are doing a collab

17 November 2018 - 07:00 By Kyle Zeeman
DJ Tira has brought together Mampintsha, Babes and Tipcee for a new project.
DJ Tira has brought together Mampintsha, Babes and Tipcee for a new project.
Image: Instagram/ DJ Tira

In what promises to be one of the biggest releases of 2019, Tira has brought together "old rivals" Babes Wodumo and Tipcee to join him and his "nemesis" DJ Mampintsha.

The relationship between Tira and Mampintsha collapsed earlier this year when Mampintsha accused his former boss of being jealous of his success and trying to copy him.

It came at a time when Tira's protege, Tipcee, was going head-to-head with Mampintsha's artist Babes on the charts, while also trying to convince Mzansi that she was not talking smack about Babes in a leaked video of her criticising a local celeb.

It seemed like the two camps were at war until Tira called a ceasefire recently and got everyone in studio to work on something together.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Tira said everyone had got over their "misunderstandings" and were vibing hard in studio.

"There will always be disagreements sometimes when you are in business. But as a person you have to be mature enough to set aside your differences and get over it. The main thing is that we are working and going forward. We want to do what will benefit our companies"

He also said that Babes and Tipcee were getting along great and making good music together.

"They are doing great. They would not work together if they weren't. I think we were all ready to put aside our differences and just focus on the music.

So when can can fans expect the super hit?

"We are working on something that will probably come out next year. We want to give the people something to dance to," Tira said.