Sonia Mbele on depression: I even Googled how to commit suicide

19 November 2018 - 08:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Sonia Mbele will never let herself go back to that place.
Sonia Mbele will never let herself go back to that place.
Image: Instagram/Sonia Mbele

A few years ago veteran actress and producer Sonia Mbele slipped into a dark hole of depression that resulted in her contemplating suicide. 

Sonia was going through a nasty public divorce from businessman Leslie Sedibe at the time. 

Sonia and Leslie's split hogged headlines for years, and had a ripple effect on her professional life. 

In a lengthy interview with Drum magazine Sonia recounted how people judged her for the messy split and looked down on her. 

It all became too much for the former Generations actress to deal with and she slipped into depression. 

"I tried therapy but it didn't work. Things got so bad I would even google ways of committing suicide and going out quickly and pain-free because I'd had enough of my life," she said. 

Things got so bad that Sonia even thought of admitting herself into a psychiatric hospital after having a panic attack one night. 

However, a vision of herself locked in the hospital while her children played outside was a turning point for her and she made a decision to beat the depression. 

And ever since then Sonia has put her happiness first. 

The TV star's Instagram account paints a clear picture of this.