Phuti Khomo: The industry is filled with chancers and exploitation

20 November 2018 - 11:37 By Kyle Zeeman
Phuti Khomo warns about the dangers of the industry.
Phuti Khomo warns about the dangers of the industry.
Image: Instagram/ Phuti Khomo

Former Muvhango actress Phuti Khomo has warned young models and actresses against exploitation, claiming the industry is filled with scammers and people who take advantage.

Phuti has been focusing her energy on her modelling expo to be held next month, which she says will provide a platform for modelling agencies around the world to come and scout local talent.

She told Metro FM that she wanted to get into that space to provide a credible channel for models to get into the industry without the BS that comes with it.

"This industry is full of chancers. It is  full of people who will take advantage of people and exploit them. I will not exploit people because I have a lot to lose. This is like years of building my name and I am putting it on something. I am going for a cause here. There are so many things that are happening in their modelling space: human trafficking, child pornography. Children are falling into these traps."

She also warned both aspiring actresses and models about dodgy agencies that request half naked pictures of people. 

She said her platform helped those desperate for fame to get into the industry "the right way".

Speaking to TshisaLIVE just two months ago, actor Phuti also warned about exploitation in the industry and said protection needed to be extended to the whole "food chain" of production.

"There are a lot people that contribute towards making these stories great, but they are not taken care of. The whole food chain needs to be taken care of and more than anything they need to be protected by labour laws and policies and so on. The more you exploit people, the more you take away from greatness because people get bitter. When they get bitter then you lose talent. Artists deserve to have rights that stick up for them too," he said.