The River’s Goliath & Diamond are in the same WhatsApp group

20 November 2018 - 10:06 By Kyle Zeeman
Goliath really lives up to his name.
Goliath really lives up to his name.
Image: 1Magic/ The River

Since breaking out of jail, The River's Goliath has been making life really difficult for people. But as it looks more and more likely that he will get killed. Yet the streets are still not convinced the man can die.

He is like the Van Damme of TV and with Mroza MIA, the social media streets have been left wondering who will be able to kill him.

The writers can't look for inspiration next door at The Queen because they are also dealing with their own villain in Diamond.

This week fans watched as Goliath held Zolani hostage as Tumi's husband begged for his life.

Goliath was surrounded by police, but somehow still escaped. 

How? Well, magic and those intimidating muscles.