Relationship 101 | Priddy Ugly: Know the difference between females and goats

Priddy Ugly had to put a fan straight after they said they need a girl, not women who look like goats

28 November 2018 - 14:23 By Chrizelda Kekana
Bontle Modiselle and her beau Priddy Ugly are couple goals.
Bontle Modiselle and her beau Priddy Ugly are couple goals.
Image: Via Instagram

There's no denying that rapper Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle are couple goals, which is why we all totes understand why this guy asked Priddy for relationship advice and his sangoma's number.

It all started when Priddy Ugly and Bontle showed up at the Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards looking like royalty and drippin' sexy and swag. They were served serious couple goals. 

Their appearance pushed a tweep to call out Priddy Ugly and ask for advice on how to get a woman like Bontle. Which was all good and well and until he started mentioning goats.

No, not G.O.A.T.  as in 'greatest of all time' like literal goats.

Then we were all like:

His question went:

(Dear) Priddy Ugly

“Please share some tips on how to get a mommy like yours, bro, I am tired of these goats I date. If they smell nice, they don’t look nice and if they look nice, they smell like a male goat. Please share your sangoma's details. I won't tell nor shaya u nge 1st brick (take your girl)

First off, if you know how a goat smells then you know ukuba wow that description is deep. Secondly why is this guy dating goats vele?

Also is he comparing girls to goats or talking actual goats? It's all really confusing...

Priddy Ugly gave the guy pretty solid advice, in two very simple steps:

Step 1. Respect women.

Step 2. Know the difference between females and goats

The lesson from this is that y'all need to appreciate what or who you have, because people are clearly seeing flames outchea.

Just imagine your ex calling you a goat, fam? An entire goat?

Haai ngeke sbali ku tense!