Swoon! Reason praises LootLove for carrying his twins with 'amazing strength'

29 November 2018 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Reason penned a sweet note for LootLove who is pregnant with twins.
Reason penned a sweet note for LootLove who is pregnant with twins.
Image: Instagram/Lootlove/Pixel Kollective

Reason has penned the sweetest note to the mother of his babies, LootLove for doing so with strength. 

Taking to Instagram after Reason penned shared that it took him two days to put his feelings into words.

"It’s taken me two days to describe the fascination I have towards what’s happening inside you. To be able to carry the life of two is an unbelievable sign of godliness no one can put into words. It is by far the most challenging yet gratifying experience I’ve had to go through with anyone, and lord, am I happy that it's you," the first part of the note went.

LootLove almost broke the internet with her pregnancy announcement in October and has since been giving fans special glimpse's of her journey. From the first months where she was paranoid and afraid that people could see her baby bump, right through to the cravings and the freedom that came with finally sharing the news of her double blessing.

Reason said he was in awe of LootLove's amazing strength and how she is carrying those twins like a boss! He shared his eternal gratitude to LootLove.

"There are many unspoken realities that come with the blessing of having twins however, your strength is one that needs a shout out to God & the ancestors. I guess my point is... I don’t know how you do it. But you do. Therefore, I am and I will forever be grateful to you and your ability to give your body and mind into manifesting God’s blessings. God bless the king!"

Here are some pictures from the baby shower.