TDK Macassette aka Gqom Barbie on her 'contradictory' moves concerning alcohol

TDK Macassette has come out to clarify that she and her alter ego Gqom Barbie are two completely different brands

29 November 2018 - 11:09 By Chrizelda Kekana
TDK Macassette said as a businesswoman she had to consider how far certain deals could take her brand.
TDK Macassette said as a businesswoman she had to consider how far certain deals could take her brand.
Image: Instagram/TDK Macassette

When TDK Macassette aka Gqom Barbie was recently unveiled as an influencer for a popular whiskey brand, fans called her out for seemingly making a u-turn on statements she made earlier this year about alcohol. 

During a previous interview with IOL, TDK was quoted as having said, "I have even taken a conscious decision to never sing about alcohol or drugs, twerking or showing unmentionable body parts".

In an attempt to clear the air TDK admitted to TshisaLIVE that the move seemed "contradictory"  but it was actually made from a calculated position. 

"Like I said at the beginning of this interview, there are two people in one body who are busy at work here. Gqom Barbie is the music side of my brand, the performer on stage. TDK is the professional side. The power side and the business mogul side. From a business side, I felt that Pocket Scotch (the alcoholic campaign she's joined)  made sense for the brand of TDK."

TDK said if she allowed people to put her into a box, it would cripple her creativity which is why she split herself into brands. 

"I think out of the box. That is why there's Gqom Barbie, who is for the music and a part of myself created to teach and appeal to the kids, to encourage and to educate. Whereas TDK, the business mind is the person who created Gqom Barbie. These branches of who I am fall under the bigger umbrella of Thandeka Mkhwanazi, who is at top of the hierarchy."

TDK studied public relations and communication management science at Durban University of Technology and also owns a communications company called Tdeeiosion Communications Management.

The hitmaker explained why she couldn't afford to miss the opportunity to partner with Johnnie Walker's #PocketScotch campaign as an influencer.

"I took the opportunity of working with Pocket Scotch because not only do I feel that the youth of today are go getters and people who are goal driven and outgoing. We are classy and crazy and we have great lifestyles that need brands to catch up with us. For a hard working young person trying to secure her bag, like me it's perfect."

TDK, together with Langa Mavuso and Reason, will be doing influencer things for the campaign until next year April.

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