Gemini Major on fake friends: It got to a point where I was really confused

Gemini Major opened up about the 'awkward' position that led to him going indie route

30 November 2018 - 06:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Gemini Major said he had follow a path that would give him growth.
Gemini Major said he had follow a path that would give him growth.

Gemini Major has opened up about being caught in between major hip-hop superstars that don't get along and how he's had to get out and stand on his own feet so he could see which friendships were real.

Hailed as one of the most respected producers in the industry and one of the artists who gives hits after hits, Gemini Major has been associated with hip-hop heavyweights Cassper Nyovest and DA L.E.S. 

Speaking to SlikourOnLife Gemini explained that he had to cut himself loose because the whole situation got confusing for him.

"I just needed clarity. It got to a point where I was really confused, like 'okay... who are really my friends?" Because I was at Family Tree and there we bonded and became a family. Then I started working with DA L.E.S and we made music together and also started getting close and that how we made F2D, that's also family. Then after I left Family Tree, there was some shit going on, like n**gas ain't speaking to each other and stuff like that."

Gemini said after having had association to big stars like Cassper and DA. L.E.S he needed to see what he could do by himself. He said he needed to break free from being afraid that he's not good enough.

"For me to decide that I wanted to be see people that really fuck with me, without anyone else. Like me and Gemini Major, standing alone."

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Gemini now owns Rudebouy Major and has been making major moves since he's had himself to be accountable to. The producer has shared that his experiences have shaped him to become the artist he is.

Speaking on the hip-hop state of the nation earlier this year, Gemini Major told  Metro FM DJ Speedsta and Lootlove that the current slump in Durban hip-hop could be fixed if people expanded their horizons.

"The boys don't like moving. The problem with Durban is that you might get gassed up that you popping because you're in Durban, but the Durban industry is based around hommies. The boys need to come up more."

"There is nothing wrong with coming to Joburg. You are making music for South Africa. Push yourself for a month or two and go back."