Mr Eazi is in SA and his fave thing so far may shock you

03 December 2018 - 07:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Mr Eazi was in SA promoting his latest project.
Mr Eazi was in SA promoting his latest project.
Image: Supplied

Nigerian superstar Mr Eazi took a sho't left on his Lagos To London tour and ended up in Mzansi, where his favourite thing so far has been the meat.

You see, Eazi loves Mzansi's steak.

"My most favourite thing about SA? I think it's the food, particularly the steak. I love the steak. The one thing I've observed in SA that reminds me of home is the fact that South Africans love to dance. That's what we love too, we love to dance," he told TshisaLIVE in a recent interview.

Eazi also thinks Mzansi has beautiful women and if he could write a song about the country it would be declaration of love to our women.

"If I could write a song about South Africa, I would have South Africa be the love interest, the woman that I would sing about. Just describing her beauty and it would be called my woman," he said.

Mr Eazi came to share the 411 about his latest releaseLife is Eazi Vol. II: Lagos to London.

The new mixtape is an afro-fusion and inter-cultural collaboration where Mr Eazi brings in heavy guns from South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Jamaica.

"The journey of my movement, of my music in the past year, has taken shape in that way. I felt like it was important to take my fans through that journey and show them what the music represents."

Eazi said in the future he would like to collaborate with Sun-El Musician, Cassper Nyovest, AKA and Kwesta.

And just because he's got major love for SA, he let TshisaLIVE quiz him on things you may not know about him.

The first thing I do after I wake up in the morning is… pick up my phone.

The most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me was when… my pants tore on stage during a performance. It was a big tear! But apparently people didn't notice.

Whenever I find myself in an awkward conversation or awkward silence I… tweet!

My English teacher probably remembers me for… not doing assignments!

I was always really good at… socialising.

When I'm having a bad day, I… listen to music.

The biggest misconception about being a musician is that people think I… am always drunk...

When I stand in front of my mirror I see… myself! Lol!

The one person I hope is watching me as I succeed is… my dad.

This is only the beginning for me because… there's so much more to do!

Now you know a couple of things about the Nigerian-born musician to take to the Eazi Fan Club!