5 reasons the latest Captain Marvel trailer has us stoked

04 December 2018 - 13:33 By Kyle Zeeman
Brie Larson is Captain Marvel.
Brie Larson is Captain Marvel.
Image: YouTube/ Marvel Studios

There's only three months until Marvel's hugely-anticipated film Captain Marvel is released at local box offices, and the internet went into overdrive on Tuesday morning when a new trailer for the film dropped.

The trailer premiered on ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast in America and immediately started trending around the world. 

The video was viewed over 5 million times in its first 12 hours of release, with fans raving about it on social media.

It follows the first trailer released just two months ago, which has so far been viewed over 46 million times.

It may not be Black Panther but here are just five reasons why after watching the latest trailer, we can't wait to head to the big screen with plenty of popcorn.

She is here to end wars

Marvel films have been featuring wars since pretty much movie one, so if you are the happy, fun-loving, tree-hugging type of person you might be glad to know that Captain Marvel's motto is to end war.

She fights in space

Like, not on a planet in space or in a fancy city on Earth. Nah, fam! Like space space. Imagine. 

You get a glimpse of her origin 

The whole reason Captain Marvel is Captain Marvel will be explored, blue blood and all.

That gogo is a monster!

Remember when Captain Marvel punching a granny caused a stir? Well, this one clears up the confusion and explains that gogo is anything but helpless. Who else is a suspect?

It's the one good thing (so far) about 2019

2018 was supposed to be great but some things were a real mess. 2019 is a chance to restart and Captain Marvel way to kick things off.