DJ Zinhle sets the record straight: I would never ever shade Cassper

06 December 2018 - 12:16 By Karishma Thakurdin
DJ Zinhle set some trolls straight on Twitter.
DJ Zinhle set some trolls straight on Twitter.
Image: Instagram/DJ Zinhle

Twitter was treated to a couple of clapbacks from DJ Zinhle - who hardly ever has time for such - on Wednesday after some trolls assumed that she was trying to drag Cassper Nyovest after she tweeted about blessings.

"May the good Lord bless your idols so much that you won’t have to drag other people in order to make them look better. Naaah mean?" tweeted DJ Zinhle.

The DJ couldn't have anticipated the reactions some people would have to her tweet, however in the world of Twitter, everything is open for interpretation and most people choose go for the worst case scenario. 

Zinhle was rubbed up the wrong way about one particular person's interpretation. This tweep suggested that Zinhle was throwing shade at Cassper in her tweet and she wasn't having any of it!

Zinhle then made it clear that she wasn't shading Cassper at all.

Also sis is really over these people that are always craving drama. She said she doesn't have beef with anyone so people need to chill.

"Shame. People are so desperate for drama. I don’t have beef with anyone so you can breathe. My tweet was about how people who always drag me...I am not defending anyone or picking sides but if it’s more fun for you to think that way... singene ke," she said.

Then Zinhle added one last tweet for good measure, where she explained that she thought it was the broken people who looked to break others. Then she told them to just stop!