IN MEMES | Dear Skeem Saam writers, tweeps are totes over Noah!

Tweeps threaten to boycott Skeem Saam if this Noah storyline doesn't stop soon

12 December 2018 - 09:55 By Chrizelda Kekana
Tweeps are over Skeem Saam's Noah's storyline.
Tweeps are over Skeem Saam's Noah's storyline.
Image: YouTube/ Skeem Saam

Noah's Skeem Saam storyline is dragging longer than the wait to payday and fans have taken to social media to demand that Noah either die or just leave the show already!

Noah is Mokgadi's long lost child, who showed up some months back. After being reunited with his mother, viewers had to watch him settle into his new life. The Maputlas (who are Mokgadi's in-laws) welcomed Noah and tried to make him feel like part of the family.

Later viewers found out that Noah was not only a pathological liar but that he was a thief an all-round gangster.

They recently also found out he's killed somebody before. This after he stabbed his uncle Thabo and almost killed him.Basically, he's a monster and viewers want him to disappear into thin air.

The wait for justice has left many feeling like the show is monotonous and viewers are over it.

They really miss Wallet, Leshole and Big Boy. At this rate they wouldn't even mind if the writers brought back Mangaliso. That's how desperate tweeps are for Noah to go!

And they brought the memes to make their point: