Sbu Noah's pens heartfelt letter for Joyous Celebrations' Lindelani Mkhize

12 December 2018 - 11:51 By Chrizelda Kekana
Sbu Noah has taken to Instagram to give Lindelani Mkhize credit for helping him become the artist and man he is.
Sbu Noah has taken to Instagram to give Lindelani Mkhize credit for helping him become the artist and man he is.
Image: Instagram/Sbu Noah

Lindelani Mkhize, through his gospel group Joyous Celebration, has seen the rise of many stars that went on to leave their mark, and one of those stars is Sbu Noah, whose praise the gospel legend for helping him leave his own mark on the gospel industry.

Sbu took to Instagram this week to pour out his gratitude for everything that Lindelani had contributed in his rising career.

“Allow me to appreciate this great man fam, Baba Lindelani Mkhize. God sent to carry out God's plan in my life. Thank you Khabazela, for believing in this young man. You saw something in me I never saw in myself. So many years later, yet you still continue to push me to reach greater heights. The talks we have I'll always treasure,” Sbu said.

Sbu admitted that he wasn’t always an A student in Lindelani’s school of life. He said that on multiple occasions he had disregarded his mentor and father’s advice but when things didn’t go as planned, Lindelani was never one to say ‘I told you so’.

The singer said he was amazed by Lindelani’s patience with him and added that his one desire was to make Lindelani proud because of the potential he saw in him!

“I just wish I listened to you most of the time, but like a great father you never say: 'I told you so', but you carefully choose your words to help me see the lessons in every setback.

"Thank you for challenging, ukungithethisa (reprimanding me) when you need to, but most importantly for your patience with me. I still don't understand how you are so patient with me. I made this promise a few years ago, and I'll make it again till we see it, I will make you proud Khabazela."

Sbu talked about how Lindelani has helped him to put together his most recent live record, A David Kind of Psalm, and how he shielded him from some of the stresses that came with the process to ensure he focused on the things that mattered.

“You always spoke about being patient and how we'd know when the time is right. I'm glad I listened, this past weekend felt like it was planned in the heavens and all we had to do was show up.

"Thank you for all your efforts in making sure the recording was a success. I love how you shielded me from your challenges to make this a success, just so I can focus on the ministry and not worry about other things. That's what fathers do, and I appreciate you for that.”