Shimza and Prince Kaybee feud just got even more petty, real quick

12 December 2018 - 12:40 By Kyle Zeeman
Prince Kaybee and Shimza have been going at it for a while.
Prince Kaybee and Shimza have been going at it for a while.
Image: Instagram/ Prince Kaybee

Just when we thought the beef between Shimza and Prince Kaybee was safely on chill in the fridge the pair have ramped up the petty.

They first traded shade in March when Kaybee accused Shimza of blazing dance floors with the hit Club Controller without crediting him. Shimza told TshisaLIVE that he did not want to work with Kaybee after the disagreement.

As Dezemba continues to roll in, not many people are looking for drama. So fans were surprised when Shimza responded to a throwback picture of himself and Prince Kaybee on the season of reality show 1’s and 2’s won by Kaybee, by digging up the old feud.

He even referenced Prince Kaybee comparing him to a Picanto during their first round of the fight.

The internet went crazy, with fans choosing sides in the argument.

#TeamShimza believed their hero wasn't being respected enough and called for Kaybee to stay in his lane.

Others believed that Shimza was bragging with the post and wanted to make it seem like he had "made" Prince Kaybee's career.

It was all out war.

Prince Kaybee responded by poking fun at Shimza and the situation.

Later he was found lurking in Shimza's comments giving his two cents. He liked all posts that shaded Shimza and responded to those that praised him.