A-Reece: The industry is designed to lead artists into debt

You won't believe who added their 2 cents

13 December 2018 - 13:23 By Kyle Zeeman
Rapper A-Reece had the internet buzzing.
Rapper A-Reece had the internet buzzing.
Image: Instagram/ A-Reece

Rapper A-Reece sparked a massive debate on fame and money on social media this week when he questioned why the industry was intent on keeping artists broke.

The star had obviously been watching the rise and fall of so many muso's before him, some of which died broke or are now living in poverty.

Taking to Twitter he addressed the problems of fame and fortune in the industry.

His comments nearly shut down the internet, garnering over a thousand comments.

Some of the possible reasons for the demise of artists included, not knowing how to look after money, the need to show off and poor pay.

Several celebs weighed in on the debate, adding their two cents.


There is supposed to be bad blood between A-Reece and Saudi, with their crews rivals. But Saudi stepped onto his former label mate's social media page to share his thoughts on the discussion. He even went as far as to suggest artists unionise.


The entertainer believes the real problem is trying to keep up with a flashy lifestyle.

Loyiso Gola

The comedian said it was just the way of life in a capitalist society.

Nina Hastie

The comedian and TV host said that insurance was also a problem.

Ofentse Mwase

The award-winning director suggested going back to the basics of humility and saving.