Ouch ! 4 hurtful quotes from Flex Rabanyane's diss track for Reason

Flex pulled a Pusha T and involved Reason's baby mama Loot Love in his diss track

14 December 2018 - 10:03 By Chrizelda Kekana
Flex Rabanyane has penned a diss track directed at rapper Reason.
Flex Rabanyane has penned a diss track directed at rapper Reason.
Image: Instagram/Reason and Instagram/Flex Rabanyane

Vuzu's The Hustle winner Flex Rabanyane decided to capitalise on his newly formed beef with Reason by dropping a Pusha T style diss track directed at his rival, and he said some hurtful things.

Mzansi was shook on Thursday when just a few hours after a twar between the two, Flex released For Whatever Reason. The diss track, that serves as an audio middle finger to Reason, was packed with scathing insults.

All this because Reason gave advice to Flex on Wednesday after Flex tweeted about his encounter with payola.

Flex went for Reason so hard in his diss track that he included his pregnant girlfriend Loot Love and his career.

The disrespect was blatant AF!

Here are some of the most hurtful lyrics in For Whatever Reason:

1. "You pay the stations to play your music, treated Metro like a juke box. You know you can’t do it like how you used to do it so you impregnated Lootlove"


2. "We know you’re living in Northcliff but it ain’t cause of the music, Loot paying all the bills, I guess rigorous was useless"

3. "Old ni***s talking out of their a** for whatever reason. Giving advice that we didn't ask for, what is the reason? You tweeting too much, you saying too much exposing your weakness"


4. "Twice my age but half the talent"

Listen to rest of the track below.