The Ranakas | So Dineo is going to 'burn Joburg down' one day?

One thing is for sure, she's a proper drama queen.

14 December 2018 - 08:39 By Kyle Zeeman
Dineo Ranaka is a firecracker.
Dineo Ranaka is a firecracker.
Image: Instagram/ Dineo Ranaka

Ntate Ranaka has been holding onto a secret for all these years. You see, when his daughter Dineo was young, her teacher predicted that she was so feisty she would one day burn down Joburg.

Malume has been holding onto that prediction for ages, but this week told viewers of the family's reality show The Ranakas that he is a believer.

Dineo was next level.

At one point during the episode she was talking to her pops outside when she was interrupted by her sister Manaka. She was so touched that she marched across the road and stood on a massive rock, declaring the family's business.

She was more extra than the side menu at KFC and fans were here for it.

They flooded social media.

There was also celebrations in the street when Dineo seemed to reconcile with her sister Mpumi after weeks of fighting.