Flex Rabanyane paid almost R10k for payola & it still didn't bear any fruit

16 December 2018 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Rapper Flex Rabanyane took jabs at Reason on Twitter.
Rapper Flex Rabanyane took jabs at Reason on Twitter.
Image: Via Flex Rabanyane Twitter

In another episode of stranger things have happened in Mzansi hip-hop, Vuzu Hustle turned independent rapper Flex Rabanyane snitched on himself about having paid payola at an unnamed radio station to get his music played.

Flex took to Twitter to snitch on his behind the scenes activities because, after allegedly paying R9, 800 the payola proved futile, and the guy who received the near R10k incentive conveniently forgot to playlist his song.

So Flex had a very important question to ask on the Twitter streets...

When it dawned on him that Twitter might not be the right place to air his dirty laundry or expect useful advice, he began to think out loud about his options and their consequences.

As Flex was busy interacting with fans about his options, Reason called him out. The Azania rapper questioned whether or not Flex would cry wolf if his payola had paid off.

He concluded by saying that he's concerned about Flex.

Well, Flex wasn't bout to hear anything from Reason.

His main reason was that Reason doesn't have hit songs.

He also went on to imply that Reason had no impact, no true followers and that his "pseudo intellectual forced English raps" are forced.

And as the episode got stranger and stranger, Flex implied that everyone who was against him speaking out (read: snitching on himself) were complicit to the current status quo.

He also suggested that people that are "relationshipping" with people at radio stations may also have an unfair advantage...

Read the rest of his rant below.