LGBTQ+ stand up | In 2018 these celebs owned their lanes!

24 December 2018 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Nomsa Buthelezi and bae Zandile Shezi.
Nomsa Buthelezi and bae Zandile Shezi.
Image: Instagram/Nomsa Buthelezi

In 2018 the LGBTQ+ community went through the most with things like correctional rape and murders. In Tanzania things got worse for the gay community but they also broke some barriers and secured some wins.

This here is a celebration of representation.

Below is a list of a few of the stars that have carried the rainbow flag with the pride it deserves. Not only shining like the stars they are but also highlighting some of the struggles they have faced in the industry because of their sexuality. 

Khaya Dladla

Khaya Dladla is openly gay and also the popular character of GC on Uzalo.

"It's great fun playing GC but it has really been a lot of hard work. I am the complete opposite of him, I'm more reserved and I have a filter. Lots of people will think that it would be easy to play a gay man when I am gay, but I struggled to relate to the character at first and really had to do research and spend time with people like GC to get into the role fully," Khaya said.

Nomsa Buthelezi

The OPW presenter recently came out about her sexuality after being afraid for a long time this year. She told TshisaLIVE why.

"I have been lesbian for many years of my life. I've been dating women for years. But because I once had a partner who was a guy it was hard for me to reclaim who I am publicly. It was hard. Usually coming out as a woman who dates other women is not easy, especially in townships. We are always scared of the reaction.


The Ukhozi FM presenter bagged a nod at the DStv Mzansi Viewers' Choice Awards and couldn't help but gush about the bigger picture the award was painting for the LGBTQ+.

"The word gay and homosexuality has been painted in a very wrong way to people. I don't necessarily know whose fault it is, but it happens. We are made out to be promiscuous and that the only thing we know how to do is sleep around with men. That all we think about is men, men and men! Meanwhile, we are people. People who are trying to make gold from the dirt we are given."

Niza Jay

The film Inxeba opened up a huge dialogue about homosexuality and showed just how much homophobia is still lurking behind closed doors in SA. It also gave us a new star to marvel over, Niza Jay.

Talking about the film, Niza had a message to children who have been told that they are not normal because they are gay.

"This is for la moffie incinci that all the big boys tease for not being normal but have no problem using him to live out their own twisted desires. You little black gay are not normal; you are extraordinary and you deserve everything good. You have a place in this world, you have every right to live your truth."

Feather Awards

Despite its shortcomings, the Feather Awards has done a great job of reminding the world that the LGBTQ+ community is here to stay and they are coming for everything.

And behind the scenes, away from the glamour they are hard at work helping with important issues faced by the community.

Kudos Thami Dish and crew.

"The Feather Awards were initially launched as a tongue in cheek celebration of high-profile personalities  - these personalities are by turn inspirational, humorous, scandalous and memorable individuals.

"From the outset, the nominee list has comprised of members of the LGBTIQ+ and straight communities. Over the years the Feathers has broadened its scope to incorporate the struggles of sexual minorities across the African continent as part of their discourse," the Feather Award organisers told TshisaLIVE.