Nasty C wants to inspire the world, but he's gonna start at home first

25 December 2018 - 06:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Nasty C is looking on making history and if he can take others with him, he will do so.
Nasty C is looking on making history and if he can take others with him, he will do so.
Image: Instagram/Nasty C

Anybody will tell you that Nasty C owned 2018, but for the young rapper it ain’t enough -  he’s looking to change the world, one interaction at a time. He said he will start in his hometown through his label Tall Racks Records.

In addition to having dropped one of the best hip-hop albums of the year, Nasty C had a successful tour and launched his record label Tall Racks records.

"I always wanted to build a platform for myself and for other artists around me, because where we come from there's no easy access. Like resources for dreams such as ours. Like record labels or people to help you get you songs on radio and such.”

“We don't have a close source of inspiration to show us it's possible. That's why I make it a point to always go back home. I go to Durban to make sure that they see me. Right there living with them. A person who is like them, normal... so they can see that it’s just a matter of time and hard works that makes us different but we all able. They see me so much that they see themselves in me"

The rapper, who is certainly one of the most loved rappers in the African continent, explained that although he made music for everyone who will listen, he was well aware that the youth were his biggest supporters.  And he wants to ensure that they know that they have access to resources that can help them unleash their potential.

He said he started a record label for kids like him who want to be artists but are scared that there's no help.

Nasty said after the initial reaction where kids from his hood are usually they are star struck, he made sure they got to see him chilling, eating magwinya and just talking to 'my friends.'

"I just want to be that kid that came out of Africa and really did it.  Like not just in music but in business as well. And I want to do it for other young'ins as well.”

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