Malcom X tells of one of his biggest regrets

26 December 2018 - 07:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Malcolm X has given a lot but even he sometimes misses opportunities to help.
Malcolm X has given a lot but even he sometimes misses opportunities to help.
Image: Instagram/ Malcolm X

Businessman Malcolm X has become known as the people’s blesser after his random acts of kindness have been shared far and wide on social media. The dude claims to have given away more than R4m to those in need, but says he still has regrets of not giving enough.

Social media is filled with videos of Malcolm X giving to anyone he meets in need, but he told TshisaLIVE about an incident that still leaves him feeling sad for not being able to help.

“I was driving from the airport in Joburg and I saw this young white couple with a baby in their arms. They were crossing the highway. I could see they were in need but I couldn’t stop. In that moment my mind was going crazy thinking of how I could help. I took pictures of them to try identify them and then later tried to go look for them.”

The couple had gone down an embankment after crossing the highway and were nowhere to be seen, when Malcolm returned to the area.

“I asked around but no one had seen them or knew who they were. I even put their picture on social media asking people to help me find them.”

He said several months after the incident he still thinks of the couple.

“What if I could have helped them and I didn’t. For all the things I do, it still hurts when you can’t help.”

Malcolm has given to people of all races but told TshisaLIVE in August that he has received messages from people calling him a sell-out for not giving only to black people. 

"I get messages asking me why I am giving to white people when they still haven't given back our land. But I am not about that. I give to everyone. I don't see black or white in poverty. I get criticised, people say I am a sell-out. I am not a sell-out."