TVs favourite aunts & uncles

26 December 2018 - 08:00 By Kyle Zeeman
The Queen's Brutus is one of the funniest uncles on TV.
The Queen's Brutus is one of the funniest uncles on TV.
Image: Via The Queen's Instagram

TV would be boring without the characters that keep us glued to the screen, from beautiful brides to sharp-tongued uncles.

2018 has seen some of the best moments in TV history as drama unfolded week after week to rival the political circus that was happening around it.

In the end, we wanted to close up the country in June already because the drama on and off screen was just too much.

Here are just some of the aunts and malumes of TV that contributed to the drama.


The River's resident bad guy had people shaking with his big muscles and tendency to pull off heists and kidnap people for ransom.


Malume was also as dodgy as the people they were trying to catch at the state capture inquiry and fans were getting sick of his antics until Mamaduna interrupted his wedding to spill tea.


The Queen's Petronella gave us life this year as she went through everything from  surviving a boat explosion to stealing alcohol at the Khoza's wedding. No wonder she needed a bodyguard.


On the other side of The Queen was the Khoza family malume, Brutus. Obsessed with money and always willing to wrestle crocodiles.

Big Boy 

Skeem Saam was a bore when papa bear Big Boy wasn't around. His son Leshole nearly lost his leg after being shot but it all ended on a positive note with the pair having a holiday in Durban.


Skeem Saam's resident blesser had everyone shocked when he proposed to his younger girlfriend Rachel. She had used a love potion to try to get his attention only weeks earlier.


Tumi married Zolani in an incredible wedding on The River that was as beautiful as it was dramatic.


It was a battle of the brides on Uzalo as MaNgcobo gatecrashed her old friend MaMlambo's wedding, bringing her own wedding dress and killer bridesmaids.