Thickleeyonce is at the forefront of a fight that's bigger than her

Let her be!

03 January 2019 - 09:00
Photographer and plus-size model Thickleeyonce has a zero tolerance for body shaming on her timeline.
Photographer and plus-size model Thickleeyonce has a zero tolerance for body shaming on her timeline.
Image: Via Thickleeyonce Instagram

Listen, when you're trying on clothes this year I need you to remember Thickleeyonce, because your chubby teenage girls need you to channel a Thickleeyonce-like positivity when they go into that fitting room.

In 2018, more than ever, the photographer and plus-size model Lesego 'Thickleeyonce' Legobane stepped into the spotlight because of her "positivity". It should paint a vivid picture of the kind of world we live, where a plus girl's positivity and love for her body is something to write home about!

Thickleeyonce has had to defend why she loves herself so much, she's been accused of hating the other girls by loving herself more and she's been told her #selflove post are attention stunts.

The opinion piece below was just one of the discussions she became the centre of. Because she dared to stand up for the plus sized woman and make sure her voice was not drowned.

Read this opinion piece with that in mind...

So I used to hate my boobs in high school.

I was one of those that had a cleavage in high school that would make most women die with envy. As you might've guessed, I don't belong to the 34C bra size category.

When we all realised the difference between a basic bra, sport's bra and lingerie, we started saving our pocket money so we could go shopping at the end of the month for great looking bras.

Only one issue: There was NEVER any cute bras I could afford in a size bigger than 34C.

This is just one struggle. I grew up, shed some weight (still got above average size boobs though) but I know the struggle of not finding sizes in anything when you are a bigger girl. 

With that said, I want to just say, all women with big boobs know that Thickleeyonce had a point when she took to Twitter on Tuesday to talk about her struggles as a thick woman who wants to be fashionable.

As usual, she was told to stop dividing women with her "fat vs skinny girls politics."

Another celeb, K Naomi, said these fat vs skinny topics are tiring.

Tiring? For who? You? The skinny girl?

Now, I began stanning Thickleeyonce way before Twitter was a thing and the rest of the world caught up. For me, she's always been one of the most stylish and beautiful women I have ever seen on these social media streets. And it was because she was so positive about her image and even looked better than most thin people I know.

The one thing I always asked myself everytime I saw her pics was: 'where does she buy her clothes?'

So this one tweep, @Athabzz, put it so perfectly last night:

Nobody is saying skinny people don't have to alter jeans or whatever issues y'all apparently have with your other clothes.

The issue is you have a choice and the thick mammies, well, they really don't.

Just the other day, I was busy drooling over Bonang's winter Distractions lingerie range. That drooling was short-lived because they might not even have a size for me. Or better yet, they may have my size but I'd have to sell my kidneys to afford the damn bra.

That is a problem.

So y'all just really need to let Lee speak. I mean it. Even if she says the same thing a million times! Just let the woman speak.


Because, besides the fact that she has a right to (which I shouldn't even have to mention), she needs to keep on because she's rare. How many thick people or even fat people, do you know that are so body positive and speak about the day-to-day struggles of bigger bodied people?

As far as celebville is concerned at least. Let's count shall we?

7de Laan's Mimi Mahlasela has spoken briefly about her struggles, Anele Mdoda also spoke at some point... and that's just about it.

Everyone else got into the industry thick, got enough money to do something about it, then forgot all about these struggles because they joined the A-team.

Nothing wrong with losing weight and looking sexy (at least according to society), but now the size struggle isn't theirs anymore so nobody says anything.

For us average folks watching from the side lines, Thickleeyonce is all we have.

So this tweet from the other "camp" really means nothing to most of us non-skinny people.

On behalf of all the non-skinny people (that will have me) I just want to say, I know Naomi probably meant well, but to answer your tweet:

1. With what money?

2. Most of the available choices are hideous and why can't we have the same choices anyway?

3. With what freakin' money?