Single and a new persona: It's a whole new Skolopad

04 January 2019 - 11:53 By Jessica Levitt
Queen Star is ready for 2019.
Queen Star is ready for 2019.
Image: Via Skolopad Instagram

Just days after announcing that she did not want to be known as Skolopad anymore, insisting that her fans now refer to her as Queen Star, the socialite has also confirmed that she is single.

She took to Facebook to confirm that she had kicked her man to the curb and he would not be entering her life in 2019.

"I regretted being engaged. I even quit before I even stayed with him," she wrote.

The nurse/musician/socialite had eyebrows raised after she got engaged soon after meeting her bae, with many even speculating whether there was a man.

Whatever the case, Queen Star is off to a fresh start in 2019 and is leaving her past, which obvs includes her man and her name, in 2018.

Get ready, y'all