Ereng 2018 mo ngwaneng? 10 popular phrases that blew up

05 January 2019 - 13:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Robbie Malinga Jnr aka Mr Is too much!
Robbie Malinga Jnr aka Mr Is too much!
Image: Instagram/ Robbie Malinga Jnr

South Africans are a creative bunch especially when it comes to language and these popular phrases are all the proof you need.

If none of these phrases remind you of someone or something that happened this year, then you haven't been in SA. The gift of having 11 official languages (and many other languages) is that it allows us to be as expressive as we want.

At any given moment, the meaning of a word can change in the Mzansi vocabulary and on any random day, a phrase or a word can go from being unknown to being the thing to say.

Here are some of the phrases that are sure to remind you of 2018 for years to come.

"Ereng mo ngwaneng" - Mzansi

Direct translation would be "what is it saying to the child" but that makes no sense, so use it when you want to say "how's that going for you" or something along those lines.

*inserts shrug*

"O tlo ntena wena very soon" - Julius Malema

This phrase means you are about to annoy me but if somebody like Juju says it and looks annoyed it means you are about to get your a** whooped.

*don't say we didn't warn ya!*

"Ong'DVDyelani manje" - Girl from village

This literally means why are you making a DVD of me but once again... that doesn't really work. It is meant as a question posed to a person who takes a picture or video of you without your consent.

*you can use this if you told bae you're sleeping but someone takes a video of you for their insta stories at Cassper's house. cc: Naledi*

"Kunesandla ses'thathu" - Mampintsha

You know when nothing is going right in your relationship or in your life nje... like there's a witch working against you. That is when you can say this, it means "there's a third party involved". This third party is usually just messing up your stuff or breaking up your relationship.

"Ey awume wena" - Black Coffee

Have you ever tried to get a word in when two people are in an argument? You know that look they give you... yeah this is it! This phrase is like a figurative "talk to the hand". 

"Shut Up" - Cyril Ramaphosa

This means exactly what you know it to mean. However, it was said in parliament by a whole entire president in response to someone who said something he thought was just not worthy of his time. So yeah...

"O tlo nyela meisikend" - Bonang Matheba

Well... this can be equated to "after school is after school" which means "Don't test me because I will teach you a lesson you will never forget". However, literally it simply means "you are going to sh*t girl".

*Someone will probs say this at some tarven before a fight breaks out over some guy driving a GTI*

"Protect me from yourself" - Mmamathe

This is what it is. You say it to a person you fell is attacking you, either intentional or not. It's basically like "grab a seat and sit down" of 2018.

*Say it to that guy who thinks they can get with you even though you both know you are way out of his league*

"Imagine this in your mouth... Oh baby" - Malusi Gigaba

Haaaaaai... no matter what we say here, we will be disrespecting the elders. Okay, let's just say it's 2018 version of sexting.

*Use it uhmm... on your phone?*

"Iss too much!" Rob Mally

When something issa vibe. A mood. A LOT. A lituation! Thank you Rob Mally!

*Just say it in Robbie Malinga jnr accent. Also.. it works better when you are flexin!*