WATCH | Where does Malcolm X get his money? He clears the air

05 January 2019 - 08:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Malcolm X says he is misunderstood.
Malcolm X says he is misunderstood.
Image: Instagram/ Malcolm X

Businessman Malcolm X has given away more than R4-million to people in need and told TshisaLIVE that he is not going to stop, despite calls for the Hawks and NPA to investigate the source of his income.

Malcolm sat down with TshisaLIVE  to speak about his life and philanthropy. He claimed that people had tried to pressure authorities into investigating his businesses to find the source of his wealth. 

Upon a clear check, the source of my money is very clear.

"I am the president of Malcolm X consulting MXC. I am also the president of 1651 consulting. Not all the money I give away is my money. Some of the money is from people who say' Look here. Please send me your banking details because I want to assist you. I want to help you.'"

He said that he was not bothered by the criticism and that this was his lifestyle, and it would not change. 

"The people that are talking don't know me and they think this is a temporary thing. This is my lifestyle and it won't stop. Most of my critics have nothing to offer to the needy. They don't give. People who give like I do, don't criticise because they know the real value of giving."