Biggest lesson to remember from the Jackie vs Bassie saga

06 January 2019 - 09:44 By Chrizelda Kekana
Jackie Phamotse's latest book 'I tweet what I like' may land her trouble with the Kumalos.
Jackie Phamotse's latest book 'I tweet what I like' may land her trouble with the Kumalos.
Image: Instagram/Jackie Phamotse/Basetsana Kumalo

Biggest social media lesson from 2018? You can't just tweet whatever you want and get away with it, especially when you are implicating the high and mighty aka people that have money and time to teach you a lesson.

Class is in session... take out the note books.

Okay so we know that Twitter has created the illusion that no one can hold you accountable for the things you tweet right. With all the trolls roaming the Twitter streets, everyone just says whatever they want because "who on earth has time to police other people?" Right? Wrong.

Last year Basetsana and her hubby Romeo Kumalo had time on their hands and they took Bare author Jackie Phamotse to court over her tweets.

Jackie sent Twitter into a frenzy with claims that a "media mogul" and her husband were allegedly caught in a gay sex tape. Even though Jackie did not name anyone in the Twitter post, speculation spread like wild fire, with Basetsana and Romeo's names being thrown into the fiasco. 

Basetsana and Romeo released a joint statement, labeling the allegations "salacious" and the trio headed to court.

The Kumalo's emerged victorious after The Randburg Magistrates Court found author Jackie guilty of harassment over the "gay sex tape" allegations. 

The court also granted a protection order against Jackie.

But looking to have the last word, Jackie took another swing (an impact we are all yet to see this year).

She launched the cover of her upcoming book I Tweet What I like..So Sue Me.

The issue is, after the Kumalos won their case, Jackie was instructed by the court not to mention Basetsana or Romeo on social media or make any allegations against them. 

Speaking to Sunday World, Basetsana and Romeo's lawyer Ian Levitt said the Kumalos were ready to take on Jackie if she breaches the court order in any way.

"There is a court case order against Phamotse and criminal charges have been  laid against her. If she breaches the court order in anyway, our client will take action against her both civil and criminal in nature. If Phamotse has no regard for court orders, then she behaves at her peril," he told the paper.

Jackie said that her book would use real names of prominent people on Twitter just before the launch of the book cover.

Look... Jackie releases her book in Februar... so all we gon say is: It's lit now but it looks like k'sazobalit!

Will she have the balls to mention them? Was it all just a publicity stunt? Tune into TshisaLIVE on February 14 to find out (in fact put a reminder in your phone).