Date My Family

From Shekinah look-alikes to Qwaqwa in Rustenburg - here's why #DMF was lit AF!

07 January 2019 - 10:47 By Kyle Zeeman
Neo was looking for love on 'Date My Family'.
Neo was looking for love on 'Date My Family'.
Image: Twitter/ Mzansi Magic

When Neo appeared on Date My Family on Sunday night, he went through the most which included dodgy potential dates and claims of being superficial. 

The data analyst met the friends and family of three possible partners and in the end had to choose a date.

Dude got more eye rolls than a teenage love movie when he told one family that he was looking for someone slender so that he didn't break his back while trying to take them to bed.

But that wasn't even half of the cray things viewers saw and heard people on the show say.

For one, there was a "Shekinah look-alike" that had everyone confused. Is Ma Suited looking for her Mr Right?

And that awkward car conversation was handled perfectly. 

Keeping with last week's theme, there was someone who also butchered their geography and thought Qwaqwa was in Rustenburg.

In the end Neo chose Lebo to be his date.

Sis suffers from a skin condition that caused a loss of skin colour in blotches, but was still dripping confidence.

The internet was here for it and came ready with the memes.