Isibaya's Sphelele Mzimela: The youth of today need to focus on school & not fame

07 January 2019 - 07:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Sphelele Mzimela wants kids to stay in school.
Sphelele Mzimela wants kids to stay in school.
Image: Sphelele Mzimela / Instagram

Isibaya actress Sphelele Mzimela has been in the industry long enough to have seen young 'uns fall victim to the pitfalls of fame and has told TshisaLIVE it all starts with focusing on school and think you are the next superstar.

The star, who plays the role of Kentucky on the popular series, has two younger siblings she is mentoring and trying to encourage to study further.

"I don't know what the plan is with the elders back home, but I would like my siblings to come up to Joburg and study. I think that is the best thing you can do for yourself. Even if it is just to get a degree to fall back on. You have to focus on these things in life because they are important."

Still she says that "teenagers behave a certain way that makes their future uncertain" and all you do is hope for the best.

Sphe just doesn't want them to fall into the trap of obsessing with fame like she has seen some fall into.

"Fame can swallow you if you're not focused. If you are thinking about the money and the popularity, if you are trying to get into the industry for fame, you will find it very difficult and be disappointed very quickly. You have to love your art."