eHostela actor Bheki Sibiya: We need to end black on black violence

09 January 2019 - 08:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Bheki Sibiya (centre) plays the role of ring leader Mancinza on 'eHostela'.
Bheki Sibiya (centre) plays the role of ring leader Mancinza on 'eHostela'.
Image: Mzansi Magic/ eHostela

After nearly a decade away from acting, Bheki Sibiya has returned to screens as a ruthless gang boss on Mzansi Magic's new drama series eHostela, a role he was attracted to because of his desire to stop black on black violence in SA.

The former Muvhango and Zero Tolerance actor left acting to direct and produce several shows, including eKasi: Our Stories.

He told TshisaLIVE he was drawn back into the acting world after learning about the character while talking to the show's producers about possibly directing the series.

"They asked if I would consider playing the role of a ring leader, Mancinza. I decided to look at the script and I was impressed by the character. It was interesting in a way that if I don't play it, then who will?"

After working on several projects involving hostel and gang violence Bheki said he was passionate about the need to end black on black violence.

"It is high time that we address the scourge of black on black violence. When you look at this violence you will often find it is because of money. When will we get to the stage where a human life is more important than money?

"Musicians have been singing about stopping the violence for years and hopefully this will do the same. We all need to do something to break the violence and the stereotype that hostel people are violent people."

He admitted that it was difficult to adapt to an environment where he was not the director or calling the shots but said the acting bug had bit again.

"It was a different experience acting again. But I missed it and I am going to go for more auditions now so that I can get more roles. This is just a start for me."