Zoleka Mandela: I’m not expecting twins at all

10 January 2019 - 20:19 By Karishma Thakurdin
Zoleka Mandela makes it clear she's not expecting twins.
Zoleka Mandela makes it clear she's not expecting twins.
Image: Instagram/Zoleka Mandela

As Zoleka Mandela counts down to arrival of her fifth bundle of joy soon, she's been sharing the incredible journey with fans. 

Just days after the socialite opened up about some of the complications that has surrounded her latest pregnancy, Zoleka returned to Instagram to let fans know that her OBGYN was happy with Baby Bashala's progress. 

"For now... the kicking in my womb is showing me serious flames, the baby is most active at 4am, just after 8am and after 9pm. I’m told that I’m feeling the kicks and movements even more because of the spine to spine position, which happens when the baby is facing upwards and not downwards as expected in the third trimester.

"In most cases it would have resulted in a very long labour if not an emergency c-section but in my case, there’s nothing to worry about as I’m scheduled for a c-section." 

Zoleka also poked fun at how big her bump was and assured fans she was not having twins. 

"I’m not expecting twins at all. I’m just carrying really big. I’m 96.9kgs this week!!! Tjo!!! Mr. Bashala says that my 'push & pull' (bump and booty) looks like two pregnant women standing back-to-back!!!"