Twitter was a mess over Nomuzi Mabena 'car crash', but they also smelt a rat!

11 January 2019 - 08:25
By Kyle Zeeman
Nomuzi Mabena was allegedly involved in a car accident on Thursday evening.
Image: Via Instagram Nomuzi Mabena was allegedly involved in a car accident on Thursday evening.

Tweeps were initially left shocked when a video clip of Nomuzi Mabena purported that she was involved in a car crash, while chatting to fans on Instagram Live but as the hours passed, it became apparent that something was amiss.

Nomuzi took to Instagram Live on Thursday evening to make a big announcement while driving.

But this was cut short when a screeching noise is heard and a cracked windscreen comes into view. The video runs for several more seconds before ending.

The hashtag #Nomuzi dominated the Twitter trends list for hours and well into the early hours of Friday morning. 

The video immediately sparked alarm, with well-known personalities such as Jackie Phamotse and rapper Rouge who urged Twitter users to help find Nomuzi. 

Most fans were genuinely worried and flooded the platform with messages of support and prayers.

Then when  there was not a single update on the purported incident Twitter CSI started to bring out files of disbelief. 

It all just didn't add up for some tweeps who speculated that it was part of some publicity stunt. 

Some tweeps speculated that it could have had something to do with Arrive Alive.

Their suspicions deepened when Arrive Alive took to Twitter on Friday morning to share a series of tweets about the dangers of texting and driving.

When contacted by TshisaLIVE  for comment on the claims the Road Traffic Management Corporation said they would comment when more information became available.