WATCH | Nomuzi on having 'no regrets' over fake car crash stunt

14 January 2019 - 13:30 By Karishma Thakurdin
Nomuzi Mabena is unfazed by the backlash.
Nomuzi Mabena is unfazed by the backlash.
Image: Via Instagram

Despite receiving major backlash for the fake car crash stunt that caused choas on social media, Nomuzi Mabena has "no regrets" and "would do it again". 

A video of Nomuzi which was doctored to show the TV presenter crashing her car during an Instagram Live chat with fans went viral on Thursday night. 

After hours of speculation it was confirmed that the purported car crash was part of a VW and Drive Dry campaign to raise awareness about drinking and driving. Followers were far from impressed and expressed their anger under the hashtag #RoastNomuzi. 

Addressing the backlash on eNCA over the weekend, Nomuzi said she had no regrets. 

"People were affected for 12 hours, there are people out there who have been affected by this for a lifetime, they've lost people in their families. They've lost brothers, sisters, breadwinners and that is more important," she said. 

Nomuzi added that she had been sharing posts that insinuated to drinking and driving for about a month and no one noticed. 

She added that it was not about her or Drive Dry but more importantly about people pledging to make a change. 

In a statement issued on Friday afternoon, Nomuzi said they never intended to distress anyone. 

"Our intention was never to distress any fans, friends or family. For just these few hours for people to pause and think what if this was the reality. I give my all to my fans and I had to do something to get people to sit up and notice. We were willing to risk it all to drive home this critical message. If this saves one life, then we were successful and I would do it again." 

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