Rea Tsotella | Malume won’t give sugar mama’s clothes back

15 January 2019 - 11:02 By Kyle Zeeman
Moshe Ndiki is a host of 'Rea Tsotella'.
Moshe Ndiki is a host of 'Rea Tsotella'.
Image: Via Twitter

We've all had to sacrifice some things when a relationship ended badly: a t-shirt, a pair of pants and maybe even a pet. And then you get Thabang who after his breakup with his sugar mama kept her jersey and refuses to give it back.

The pair, who have been fighting since Fikile decided to up and leave Thapelo decided to take their drama to Moja Love's confrontation reality show Rea Tsotella.

Thabang said when he met Fikile he thought she was the sweetest person in the world but things started to unravel shortly after.

He claimed that Fikile didn't want to hear the relationship was over, while she claimed he refused to return her clothing.

Fans of the show were shocked over the drama and rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts on the episode.