Skeem Saam’s Magongwa dragged for everything from skipping school to being bad in bed

17 January 2019 - 10:25
By Kyle Zeeman
Twitter was having a field daty with Magongwa.
Image: Via Twitter/Skeem Saam Twitter was having a field daty with Magongwa.

The internet had Magongwa on its hit list this week after the man went on a rant about work and how hard life is.

The man who once confessed to stealing the principal's job in front of the principal was angry at being demoted and taken for a disciplinary hearing.

He ranted to his missus on Wednesday night's episode and fans could hardly believe that he had finally "grown a spine" and was looking out for himself.

But they also thought he was being a tad dramatic and needed to cool down before he hurt himself, especially since it was he who started with all this dodgy business.

Ai. Viewers were ready to cancel him like a pay TV subscription.

They also mocked malume's bedroom antics, claiming that the deep conversations and attire was evidence that no one was getting down in that bed.

They were also not there for malume skipping school, claiming he was just as naughty as his students.