7de Laan viewers unite against haters who trolled stars for interracial smooch

22 January 2019 - 11:01 By Jessica Levitt
A whole interracial kiss is still a thing in South Africa.
A whole interracial kiss is still a thing in South Africa.
Image: Facebook/7de Laan

Hundreds of 7de Laan viewers have banded together to fight off racist comments about two actors who shared a kiss on screen. The reason they were put into the spotlight? Because one person is white and one person is black.

Rapport newspaper reported that Carina Nel who plays Alexa and Nicholas Nkuna who plays Fikana have been on the receiving end of hate after their characters eventually got together and shared an on-screen kiss.

In response to those who commented that they would be boycotting the show because of the interracial kiss, couples took to 7de Laan's social media accounts and posted pictures of their multi-cultural families.

On Facebook, under a picture of a scene with the actors, more than 190 people commented, many of those posting images of their mixed families.

The show itself has yet to comment on the backlash, and is instead posting pictures of the characters loved-up.